Cycle Roussillon to L'Isle sur la Sorgue (2022)

Roussillon (305 m)



43.896284, 5.297011


43°53'46.6"N 5°17'49.2"E


31T 684483 4862918



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0.00 km - As you exit the hotel, TURN LEFT onto the main road.

(Video) L'isle sur la SORGUE FRANCE

0.10 km - At the roundabout, STRAIGHT ON, heading uphill.

0.30 km - STRAIGHT ON, ignoring the turn off on your left, as the main road bears right uphill. Continue on this road heading through the village and downhill, until you reach the roundabout.

1.00 km - At the roundabout, TURN LEFT, following the road sign to Gordes. Follow this main road for the next 500m until you reach a car park in front of you.

1.50 km - With the car park in front of you, TURN RIGHT at this junction as the road begins to descend into the valley. Be careful as this road can get very fast, watch out for traffic.

2.70 km - After 2 hairpin turns (right then left), you will reach a fork in the road with signs for Gordes and Goult. TAKE THE LEFT FORK, which directs you to Goult and St Pantaleon.

2.90 km - At the crossroads, STRAIGHT ON. Continue on this road for the next 3km until you reach a T-bar junction. Ignore any turn offs.

5.90 km - At the give way sign (where you turned right for Gordes during the loop ride), TURN LEFT, following the sign to St Pantaleon.

6.00 km - TAKE THE NEXT RIGHT after the Gordes/St Pantaleon junction, onto a small road, with a sign for ‘Les Marres’.

6.50 km - Immediately after you cross over a small bridge and take a tight right turn, you will reach a fork. TAKE THE LEFT FORK HERE.


6.90 km - CONTINUE ALONG THE ROAD AS IT TURNS RIGHT followed by another left turn soon after.

7.20 km - At the give way sign, STRAIGHT ON. You will see the village of Gordes to your right.

N.B. Beware of potholes on the road ahead.

8.10 km - At the give way sign, TURN LEFT as the road goes uphill.

(Video) Cycling in Provence

8.40 km - When you reach the fork in the road, TURN RIGHT AND CONTINUE UPHILL following the sign for St Pantaleon. You will recognize this junction from the Gordes/Goult loop ride.

8.80 km - STRAIGHT ON, ignoring the turn off on your right.

8.90 km - CONTINUE ON THE MAIN ROAD, ignoring the turn off down to your left. The road you are on bears right.


9.60 km - At this junction, STRAIGHT ON. The road jumps up to the right slightly here, you will see a road sign on your right, follow it the direction of D’Avignon.

9.70 km - Ignore the crossroads and STRAIGHT ONas you exit St Pantaleon.

10.10 km - STRAIGHT ONas the road goes downhill. Ignore the turn off to your left.

11.00 km - STRAIGHT ON ON THE MAIN ROAD, ignoring the small cross road you pass through.

11.60 km - At the large junction which intersects with a main road, STRAIGHT ON. Follow the direction of the sign for ‘Les Imberts’.

11.90 km - STRAIGHT ON on the main road as it goes downhill. Ignore the turn off to your left.

12.50 km - STRAIGHT ON on the main road ignoring any turn offs.

13.50 km - At the stop sign at a main junction, TURN LEFT, following the road sign for Fontaine De Vaucluse.

13.60 km - TAKE THE NEXT RIGHT, approx. 100m after the left turn you have just made.

13.70 km - STRAIGHT ON on this road, ignoring any turn offs until you reach the small roundabout.

(Video) Roussillon village

13.80 km - At the roundabout, STRAIGHT ON, following the sign to Fontaine De Vaucluse. Continue on this road until you reach another small roundabout.

15.10 km - At the small roundabout, TURN LEFT, following signs to Fontaine De Vaucluse.

15.40 km - When you reach this fork, TAKE THE ROAD TO THE RIGHT, AND KEEP FOLLOWING THE SIGNS TO FONTAINE DE VAUCLUSE, which takes you to the left – an ‘S’ bend. Stay on the main road, do not cycle over the brick part of the road in front of the Mediatheque.

15.50 km - STRAIGHT ON, ignoring the turn down to your left.

16.00 km - At the give way sign, TURN RIGHT, following the sign to Fontaine De Vaucluse. Follow this main road for the next 2.7km.

N.B. After you reach the peak of this climb, the road goes downhill quite fast, so take care to watch your speed and look out for traffic.

18.70 km - TURN RIGHT at the sign for Fontaine de Vaucluse, follow the road as it leads you onwards and uphill. This junction is before a left hand bend in the main road.

N.B. You might still be going quite fast, be careful not to miss this turning.

19.40 km - STRAIGHT ON, ignoring the small road to your left which leads downhill.

19.90 km - TURN DOWNHILL TO YOUR RIGHT. Follow this road for the next 1.45km.

N.B. This road is very steep!

21.30 km - HEAD DOWN TO YOUR LEFT into an ‘S’ bend. There is a no entry road on the corner of this bend to your right hand side. Continue to the end of this road (a T Junction).

21.60 km - TURN RIGHT at this junction to head towards to centre of the village.

22.10 km - After you cross the bridge, you will reach the centre of the village. Stop here for a coffee and walk around the shops, or head up to the source of the river Sorgue which is only 800m away. Once you have finished spending time here, TURN BACK AROUND AND HEAD BACK THE WAY YOU CAME.

(Video) The Provence Experience

22.50 km -At the T junction which you previously turned right at (which is now on your left), STRAIGHT ON ahead. You will be following the path of the river to your right.

24.50 km - Approx. 600m after the large bridge you pass under, you will reach a main turn off to your right. STRAIGHT ON here and do not turn off yet.

25.20 km - TURN RIGHT here, following the signs for Belambra Clubs. This turn off takes you onto a quiet back road. Continue on this road until you reach the give way sign.

26.00 km - At the give way sign, TURN RIGHT.

26.70 km - At the fork, TAKE THE LEFT ROAD, which leads you onto a narrower gravel track, heading through an olive and fruit trees farm.

27.40 km - At the give way sign, STRAIGHT ON, over the main road and onto the gravel track.

27.90 km - STRAIGHT ON on this road, ignoring the turn offs to your left and then right.

28.30 km - When you reach the fork in the road, CONTINUE ON THE PATH YOU ARE CURRENTLY ON WHICH BEARS TO THE RIGHT. You will just have passed a house on your left.

N.B. Ignore the road which is on your right as this is a dead end.

28.60 km - STRAIGHT ON, on the path you are currently on, ignoring the turn off to your right.

29.00 km - At the end of this road, TURN LEFT. There is a house on the left that you will just have passed 30m before the end of the road.

29.60 km - 50M BEFORE YOU REACH THE STOP SIGN, TURN RIGHT. There is a cycle sign directing you to L’Isle sur la Sorgue.

30.70 km - When you reach the roundabout, TURN RIGHT TAKING THE 1ST EXIT, heading past the school on your right hand side.

31.20 km - STRAIGHT ON at this roundabout.

(Video) Gordes à vélo - Vaucluse/Luberon

31.40 km - TURN RIGHT here for Grand Hotel Henri, just before the next roundabout. If you have accommodation elsewhere in the middle of the town, continue onwards to your accommodation.

Congratulations on Pedalling Provence through the Luberon Valley! Enjoy your last night in town before onward travel.

From historic hill top towns, to the banks of the River Sorgue, today completes your road cycle tour of Provnence.. Clinging to the rock face Gordes is worthy of a coffee stop on your journey west out of the Luberon Valley to Fontaine de Vaucluse and finally L’Isle sur la Sorgue.. Further on from Gordes and only a few KM's from the L'Isle sur la Sorgue you'll reach Fontaine de Vaucluse.. The village of Fontaine has a number of waterside cafes and bar where it worths saoking up the rays before heading onto the charmes of L'Isle sur la Sorgue.. Do remember to ride on the right hand side of the road and whilst drivers in France are respectful of the 'velo', please do be mindful of other road users at all times, obeying local road signs.. Cycle down the hill towards town and TURN RIGHT .. At the roundabout TURN LEFT and after 1km, you'll reach a Stop sign where you should TURN RIGHT on to the D169 to Joucas.. 5.30km - At the T-junction TURN RIGHT on the D60 and take the first LEFT TURN through the narrow streets of Les Gerdiols.. 9.30km - At the next Stop sign TURN LEFT on the D4 and continue climbing to Murs.. Almost immediately you need to BEAR LEFT on to a narrow road and, at the end of this road, TURN LEFT and continue for approx 6kms until you arrive in Gordes.. 25.50km - Pass through Cabrieres d'Avignon and TURN LEFT at the first roundabout, and follow signs for Fontaine de Vaucluse.. Here you will continue left but, if you fancy a break, then you can turn right and visit the town.. 31.70km - At the T-junction TURN LEFT onto the D24 and continue for 2kms.. After passing under an impressive viaduct TURN RIGHT to L'Isle sur la Sorgue.. 38.10km - Arriving at the first roundabout in L'Isle sur la Sorgue TURN LEFT .

Chemin de la Grande Bastide will continue straight on to Chemin de la Faleche, look out for the green cycle route sign indicating another left turn onto Chemin des Plantiers.. Eventually you’ll come to a junction on a main road (D938), cross straight over and continue on the Chemin de la Raffinade, a tree-lined shady road that passes some lovely big estates.. At the roundabout, follow the signposts for Saint Didier and the D27 and continue along Avenue Fontaine de Luna, turning right at the mini-roundabout onto Chemin de Fontblanque.. Eventually you’ll come to a bridge that crosses the canal, on the other side of the bridge turn left and follow the green cycle route sign alongside the Canal de Carpentras.. You stay on this road for quite some time, ignoring all turn-offs, until you come to the end and turn right onto Chemin de la Pont de Sablé.. Cycle for some time until you come to a roundabout then turn right onto Allée de la Ricarde, and at the next roundabout take a left onto Chemin de Montclard.. At the end of the road turn left onto Chemin de la Traille and then almost immediately right onto Chemin des Blancas.. Follow the path alongside the Canal du Moulin de Crillon until you reach Chemin de la Garonne; turn left and cycle to the roundabout where you can take the last exit back to the centre of Velleron along the Avenue des Sorgues.

Setting off from the Cours du Portalet, we turn right onto Avenue Fabre de Sérignan and continue to a roundabout, where we take the second exit and cross over the bridge on Avenue General de Gaulle.. At one point the road splits in two, follow the green cycle sign and take the left fork, carry on until you reach a stop sign and when it is safe to go continue straight ahead onto Chemin de la Lône.. Turn right onto the D99 and cycle until you come to a small crossroads, where you turn left onto Chemin de Mousquety.. Look out for the green cycle signs and directions for “Partage des Eaux”, turn left at the mini-roundabout onto Chemin des Espelugues head away from the busy roads towards fields of corn and picturesque farmhouses.. When you get past the grassy area, turn left past the car park and follow the green cycle signs along the Avenue du Partage des Eaux; a quiet riverside path that gets you to Isle-Sur-La-Sorgue without having to go through traffic.

The delightful market town of L’Isle-sur-la-Sorgue lies alongside the river Sorgue in rural Provence and is a must-see for antique lovers, for those who wish to experience an authentic Provence market, or even just those who love quaint destinations in Southern France.. Here’s your guide to the best things to do in L’Isle-sur-la-Sorgue , as well as what to know before you go.. The destination is close to Fontaine de Vaucluse and is particularly famous for its Sunday market, as well as being one of the top spots in France to go searching for vintage treasures and antiques.. As well as pop-up brocantes up and down the streets in the areas which aren’t hosting the traditional market stalls, there are countless shops and back alleys filled with antique shops and vintage stores.. The antique district of the Provence town is split into five distinctive shopping villages.. During special events, i.e. the International Antiques Fair which takes place twice a year, on Easter weekend and on August the 15th, there are over 500 market stalls to visit.. The ecclesiastical building has been listed as a historic monument since 1911.. There were once as many as 66 wheels in Isle sur la Sorgue.. Though there are few green spaces to be found around town (the surrounding Provençal countryside more than makes up for this fact), the one quaint green space is located on the fringes of Isle sur la Sorgue and can be easily strolled through if you’re looking to get a little break from the crowds.. From fine dining to picking up a snack on the go, there’s something for everyone to enjoy.. Check here for the car rental comparison prices.. When it comes to parking in Isle sur la Sorgue, this can often present as a little bit of a challenge, particularly on market days when the town is teeming with tourists and locals alike.. The town itself is not accessible by car and so you’ll have to walk around to visit most of the top attractions.. There is also a little tourist train that we didn’t have time to take but does loops of the town during high season.. Enjoyed reading about the best of L’Isle sur Sorgue?


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