Disney: 27 Photos Of Jasmine That Aladdin Doesn't Want You To See (2023)

The story of Aladdin is something that everyone knows. With the television series that came after the film, we pretty much dove into all kinds of adventures with him. But what about Jasmine? Sure, we know that she’s this feisty princess who wants to live her own life. She's got a good deal of personality and story given to her. But she deserved more of the spotlight.

She’s had her moments of strength. There were times in the series where she got things done with her own skills. But there were also a lot of times where she just ended up being the damsel to be saved and proven their love. While it’s nice that Disney had developed their relationship, do you know what would have been nicer? If they had focused on developing the characters as individuals.

There are so many renditions of the Disney princesses. While there is a weird and overly sensual side to the fandom art, Jasmine, in particular, has an awful lot of great fan art. Whether it be her looking like she could dazzle a horde of people or kick them to the curb, this princess has photos that a certain thief would not want others to see. These pieces are just a few that not only feature the beauty of this desert princess, but also the potential she has.


27/27 Jasmine And The Lamp

Disney: 27 Photos Of Jasmine That Aladdin Doesn't Want You To See (1)

Hey, Jasmine... what exactly have you been doing with that lamp? Why is it smoking? Where's the genie? We have so many questions about this one! Jasmine here is hanging out in her usual outfit, and honestly we have to say that she looks really good. Probably better than usual! And that's all thanks to Mioree-Art. The shading and lighting on this one are particularly nice, and we really think that this picture might have been taken especially for Aladdin. Which means that yeah, he probably doesn't want us to see it. But here it is anyways! We have to wonder what Genie thinks about this one though. Does he owe her any wishes for rubbing the lamp?

26/27 Brimming With Grace

Disney: 27 Photos Of Jasmine That Aladdin Doesn't Want You To See (2)

There’s all kinds of modern renditions of all the Disney ladies, Jasmine is no exception. We have the lovely Sarah Khalifa to thank for sharing this piece, especially with how chic it makes Jasmine look. The way that her usual outfit has been incorporated into this combination makes her not only look rather delicate, but overall graceful. Heck, it might be safe to say that she’s rocking a dancer’s look. You can already imagine that dress of hers flowing around as she leaps through the air performing pirouettes like nobody’s business. Now just imagine her having her own dance squad and performing in different competitions with Aladdin as her main partner. Hip-hop, jazz... just the idea of these two rocking these genres pretty awesome.

25/27 You Can Smell The Teenage Snark Here

Disney: 27 Photos Of Jasmine That Aladdin Doesn't Want You To See (3)

Does anybody else just see this version of Jasmine just getting herself some sort of fancily named coffee while just ranting/gossiping to a friend on the phone? Just look at this art by Kat2aj. Her expression alone here is enough to count her as a hipster. Still, it’s pretty nice that the artist was able to incorporate Jasmine’s signature look and parts of the story. From the blue hair to the tattoos of Genie and Rajah, there’s just so much about this look that she’s rocking. You can already imagine her having her own squad and just taking on the hipster culture like nobody’s business. Huh, would Aladdin make himself into a hipster to get closer to her? But then what would he have been before? The boy next door, or something similar, seems most likely.

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24/27 Make Way For A Queen

Disney: 27 Photos Of Jasmine That Aladdin Doesn't Want You To See (4)

We got ourselves a modern Jasmine who looks like she would sweep the dance floor like nobody else and then we got ourselves a hipster Jasmine who’s just overflowing with sass and now we get this. That hair, that outfit, this is no princess, this is a queen right here. If it weren’t for the obvious drink and difference in style, this lovely work by fra-gai may have just been a modern Disney design. On a different note, though, it’s nice to see Jasmine rocking the short-haired look. You don’t see a lot of princesses rocking the short style. It’s not often that we see a Disney princess styled with short hair. So it’s nice to see Jasmine rocking the style the way she is here.

23/27 This Is Bad Omens All Around

It’s one thing for a girl to wear a guy’s clothes or her significant others’, but this right here has all kinds of bad news all over it. And the fact that she doesn’t look that bad either. Why CountessKitsune, why did you have to make Jasmine looking good in the villain’s clothing, of all outfits? Well, this is one of the only Disney films where there was some actual flirtation going on with the villain. Just please, don’t let this be some weird dress-up play. Just no. There’s already enough weird stuff done to the princesses. That is, unless Jasmine decided to steal everything from Jafar and take over the kingdom herself as an escape from being married. Now, that would be a completely different story, then. Just imagine her having a villain song of her own. It's enough to get some creative thoughts going.

22/27 ThingsAre Taking A Turn For The Feral

Disney: 27 Photos Of Jasmine That Aladdin Doesn't Want You To See (6)

Does anybody remember the Aladdin TV series? Remember all those episodes where Jasmine would end up being turned into one thing or another because of some spell or rival’s work? How about the time Jasmine was turned into a snake? What if Jasmine were to turn into a different animal entirely. Like, say, something more feral and with claws like a tiger? Jeftoon01’s piece is already on that path. Oh sure, she might not have stripes just yet but those eyes, claws, and teeth don’t bode well. Heck, this more looks like a spell gone wrong. Now she’s got the look of an up-and-rising supervillain with an ability over sand, and if that’s Rajah behind her, well, there’s a reason twisted is in the title.

21/27 This Doesn't Look Like No Zombie

Disney: 27 Photos Of Jasmine That Aladdin Doesn't Want You To See (7)

There’s always at least one or two zombie versions of these lovely princesses, or any cartoon character. There are all kinds of jaw-dropping versions of these ladies, so a zombie Jasmine ain’t that big of a surprise. We love how LaTaupinette created a piece like this. It doesn’t change the fact that it’s still creepy as heck. Honestly, though, this piece is a truly twisted one given how much a villain Jasmine looks here and less of a zombie. Without any clear sign of blood pouring out of that torn arm there, she looks more like a sorceress who dipped herself in one too many dark spells and had paid the price. That hallowed face, that sneer? She looks like she would be a type of villain with a mastery of manipulation and illusions. Think about it people, this piece makes it work.

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20/27 She's Got A Spark Going On

Disney: 27 Photos Of Jasmine That Aladdin Doesn't Want You To See (8)

It’s starting to feel like whenever Jasmine is given some sort of power, or even just simply wears something red, she could become one dangerous woman. And this piece, done by LiberLibelula, isn’t helping with that idea, as awesome as it is. Seriously, the artist left this for open interpretation in Warcraft terms. And well, she does have a fire mage sort of tone to her with the way she’s rocking the outfit. And if those glowing green eyes here are saying anything, it’s that she’s packing a whole lot of power. Now imagine her having the story of having been a locked away princess who made her escape, and now she searches for a place to claim as home. Anyone else smell a fanfic brewing here?

19/27 Just A Girl And Her Tiger

Disney: 27 Photos Of Jasmine That Aladdin Doesn't Want You To See (9)

This drawing by PeculiarDork just shows a nice, more casual side to our girl that we're not used to seeing. She just seems very at ease, and honestly, quite happy. This must have been after she met Aladdin, or when she was younger. Rajah seems to be a little bit annoyed at all her affection, but we know that at heart he's really just a big kitty cat. The style on this one is just fantastic, and we almost like this more than her original look. It's kind of nice to see a Jasmine where she's just living her life. Though, with the way that shirt is dropping down a bit, we have to imagine that Aladdin's not all too pleased...

18/27 She'd Be The Blue Tigress

So what would it be like if Jasmine was not born into royalty but rather into something completely different? Well, DeathByBacon presents a Jasmine whose father is the leader of an organization of assassins. Seeing as this piece is titled as Superhero Jasmine, clearly the sad backstory has been locked down for her. Honestly, though, the artist gave a pretty solid story for this photo. Jasmine as a vigilante and her having an interest in a petty pickpocketing Aladdin, mixed in with a secret identity trope on her part and Jafar rising up from a rogue spy to a possible supervillain? Seriously, is anybody willing to make this into a comic? Just look at this design here by the artist. She looks like a true desert warrior. And that veil of hers? Adds a nice little touch of mystique to her!

17/27 This Is The Story We Needed For Her

Disney: 27 Photos Of Jasmine That Aladdin Doesn't Want You To See (11)

Would it be bad to say that she looks better as this character than she does as a princess? Oh sure, she would look great as any of the characters on this list. But Thesleepypencil legit made a parallel world image with this piece. As they explained, Aladdin in the original story had two genies. And really, there would be way more character work done if the story here had happened instead. Can you picture it now? The lovely princess wandering through the desert, spreading her wings, and learning to fend for herself and battling through all kinds of trouble that she encounters. The artist even straight up said that this Jasmine went against the famed forty thieves, but she has that blade for a reason. Can you just imagine how Aladdin’s dealing?

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16/27 This Is Raising A Whole Lot Of Confused Feelings

Disney: 27 Photos Of Jasmine That Aladdin Doesn't Want You To See (12)

There’s just something about this piece that’s both wrong yet right at the same time. It’s always fun to imagine Jasmine in all kinds of battle looks, but IsaiahStephens somehow managed to create not only a pretty cool Halloween look for the princess, but at the same time a piece that would be up for quite the debate. Nothing against the crossover going here, it’s got a good deal of female empowerment going on, but well… the hair could have been done differently. That's all that can be said. Honestly, though, this is a solid piece that looks very close to the real deal and imagining she does make the outfit work for her. What’s more, can you just imagine her just diving into a fight and ending up being the one to take everyone out? That’s a gold scene right there.

15/27 The Crowds Would Go Wild For Her

Disney: 27 Photos Of Jasmine That Aladdin Doesn't Want You To See (13)

It’s pretty impressive when a piece manages to give an even mix of stylish and sensual, especially if the outfit usually emphasizes the former. This piece, shared by one Madhanz, does it all. Barring the whole thing going on with her tone here, which we we will be putting aside to avoid any issues, let’s take focus on this styling showgirl piece right here. For one thing, who knew that a boa could tie a whole outfit together? The same goes for the fishnet stockings, that somehow go with her shifted signature look. Really, you can already see her going on stage along with the other princess in their own showgirl outfits and wowing the crowds. But then where would Aladdin be in this story? Maybe a stagehand? Or how about a surprise patron? There’s a lot of possibilities to be found.

14/27 Jewels Are A Girl's Best Friend

Disney: 27 Photos Of Jasmine That Aladdin Doesn't Want You To See (14)

A girl always needs a good set of jewels for herself, and MissMikopete clearly agrees if this piece has anything to say about it. Apparently, the artist finds this desert princess one of the most enjoyable to draw. It's easy to imagine her in sensual clothing and covered in jewels, and who can blame her when this is the result? The way that the jewels just drape on her and accented by the gold and black… this might as well be a piece for a magazine with the style points that it’s racking up. All that’s missing here are some labels and another page featuring her jewel pieces and their prices. With her exotic looks, hypnotizing eyes and swaying hips, it’s no surprise that there are more than one or two model versions of this princess of Agrabah.

13/27 A Charm In Realism

Disney: 27 Photos Of Jasmine That Aladdin Doesn't Want You To See (15)

Barring the bunch of arguments that go on with Disney’s past cultural portrayals, this is a lovely realistic rendition of Jasmine by SilverVanadis. Sure, the variety of renditions of her on this list are pretty awesome, but there is just something charming about having a real design of this character without being too sensual or her being battle-ready. Not that there’s anything wrong with either, given how many awesome works there are in either category. But just look at this. While there isn’t anything being accentuated here, the princess of Agrabah looks even more exotic than usual with the way her outfit drapes over her. She's given another layer with the gold accessories and lamp. Then there are her features and hairstyle to tie everything together. Overall, she looks like she would make for a lovely and mysterious desert guide.

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12/27 She'd Be Better Than The Guards, For Sure

Disney: 27 Photos Of Jasmine That Aladdin Doesn't Want You To See (16)

Jasmine’s signature look has gone through all kinds of transformations for this list. But this right here is a perfect look for her as some sort of elite guard or warrior. While there isn’t a weapon clearly shown here, ZFischerillustrator did a top-notch armor designing for this princess. All the little details here are just spectacular, and the fact that she looks like she’s set in the middle of the desert just seems to add a story to this piece. For one thing, she looks like she’s out on a scouting mission. And if the idea of her being some sort of elite bodyguard falls through… well, she would do far more efficient work. But then the idea of her being a sort of secret agent for the palace, working in the shadows for the sultan is a pretty awesome idea as well. The choices… the choices...

11/27 Red Feels Like A 50/50 Look For Her Now

Disney: 27 Photos Of Jasmine That Aladdin Doesn't Want You To See (17)

Noticed how most of the time when Jasmine is done in red, she’s either in something way too sensual or looks like she could be a super-villain? How about we have this lovely princess in something red looking awesome? She doesn't need enhancements. Sadyna certainly found a way. With the way that she looks here, from the swords to the shoes and just all the little details on her outfit, it’s not all that difficult to imagine her being part of some sort of clan or band of thieves. What’s more, given that the artist has given her the title of “Red Tiger” here, it’s not hard to imagine her charging into a fight with Rajah by her side.But while she doesn’t look like a super-villain or monster ready to take over the world, there is the whole pillaging and battling against authorities side to this to think about. So yeah, it really is a 50/50 chance here of her being a villain.

10/27 And Here's ADeep Swerve ToLeft Field

Disney: 27 Photos Of Jasmine That Aladdin Doesn't Want You To See (18)

By Celiarts, this is a pretty clear image of what might have happened in an alternate universe, especially if Jafar managed to whisk away the lamp and find a way around the rules. Think about it. The guy has been working in the shadows for who knows how long manipulating the Sultan. It wouldn’t be a surprise if the guy thought ahead and found where Aladdin hid the lamp before doing away with him. As dark as this photo may be, though, the aftermath of this is a pretty big food for thought, don’t you think? What if Jafar decided to keep on the subtle route and found another way to take the throne? The whole marrying the princess idea would still be weird, but there’s just so much that could happen from here. It’s both weird but interesting at the same time.

9/27 She's A Bundle Of Sass Waiting To Happen

Disney: 27 Photos Of Jasmine That Aladdin Doesn't Want You To See (19)

An action-packed looking Jasmine is always a great, but how about adding a little bit of style like MeoMai does here? While Rajah does look adorable here, the outfit and many knives that Jasmine is rocking here are the things to take focus on. For one thing, her outfit looks like a type of uniform for some covert mission and those blades of hers may as well be giant claws. And if that face is saying anything, it’s that she’s a woman that could end you in seconds. If anything, she looks like a skilled spy or rogue mercenary who only seeks to do good. What’s more, that’s a sassy look that’s she has here. It more than suits her, given how this adorable rendition of her tiger companion counteracts it.

(Video) Disney Princesses Reimagined As PARENTS!

8/27 She Looks Like She Could Take Out A Whole City

Disney: 27 Photos Of Jasmine That Aladdin Doesn't Want You To See (20)

As a princess of the sands, it’s no surprise that CeruleanRaven would give her the element of air in their line-up of elemental princesses. Just look at her here, she looks like she would create a sandstorm out of a whim and be able to knock away more than a few enemies with a well-placed tornado. In a strange way, she sort of looks like a genie here without the bands. At the same time though, she does look as the artist describes, a brewing storm waiting to happen. If it weren’t for the hair and the accessories, one would be hard-pressed to believe that this was the princess of Agrabah having been turned into an airbender rather than a wayward spirit of the winds ready to cause trouble.


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