Where To Sell Aluminum Cans Near Me? Start Making Cash Now! (2023)

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    Would like to make extra cash every month without investing too much time and effort? Do you often drink beverages in aluminum containers? Do you have access to places where you can find used cans like parks or stadiums?

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    Well, you can probably make a nice additional income by collecting and selling cans.

    You must be wondering: “Are there any centers for aluminum can recycling near me?”. The probability of having access to at least one scrapyard in your area is pretty high. Plus, if you strategize your new money-making hobby smartly, you won’t need more than one or two trips there per month.

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    Keep reading and learn everything you need to know in order to become a can recycling guru. You can potentially make anything between $500 and $1,000 per month if you take this task seriously.

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    • 1 Aluminum Can Prices At Recycling Centers
    • 2 How Much Will You Get For Cans With Bottle Bills?
    • 3 Effort And Time Vs. Profit
    • 4 Where To Collect Aluminum Cans?
    • 5 Where To Sell Aluminum Cans Near Me? (Locator)
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    Aluminum Can Prices At Recycling Centers

    Before anyone starts collecting beverage containers, they should find information about the aluminum can recycling prices in their area.

    Unless you live in a bottle bills state, the average price for an aluminum can is between 1.5 and 2 cents. Selling a pound of cans should earn you something between 35 and 45 cents. Once again, we want to highlight that the exact price may vary depending on the center you’re selling the items. Also, sometimes the weight can affect the price too.

    For example, one scrapyard may pay nice 45 cents per pound of aluminum containers, regardless of how many pounds you take to them. Other recycling businesses may offer this price only if you get them at least 50 pounds of containers.

    How Much Will You Get For Cans With Bottle Bills?

    The answer to the question “How much is aluminum cans worth?” is much better if you live in a state with bottle bills.

    “Bottle bills” is a different way of saying “container deposit law”. This regulation is present in 10 states and demands a minimum deposit on beverage containers. These regulations exist in order to guarantee a better rate of reuse and recycling.

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    With minimum payouts on aluminum containers, the potential of making money drastically improves. This minimum payout varies from 5 cents to 10 cents per can, depending on the state laws. The following states have bottle bills: California, Connecticut, Hawaii, Iowa, Maine, Massachusetts, Michigan, New York, Oregon, and Vermont.

    To exemplify, let’s say the minimum payout per can in your state is 5 cents. If you manage to collect 1,000 aluminum containers every week, you’ll be making extra $50 each week. That’s additional $200 per month. If your state pays 10 cents per can, then your extra cash income will be doubled.

    This amount of cash should be enough to motivate you to ask yourself the question: “Is there aluminum cans recycling near me?”.

    Effort And Time Vs. Profit

    It’s important to understand the amount of time and effort you put towards can recycling versus the profit. For some people, this activity may not be profitable if they can make more money doing something else.

    Everything depends on your opportunities, willingness and organization skills. So, here are several tips to help you maximize the profit you make from aluminum cans recycling.

    • Sell them in bulk – Getting to the place that buys the cans costs money and time. Instead of going there every single week, try collecting beverage containers for a month. Selling containers in bulk ensures larger payments and saves you multiple trips to the scrapyard. You can store the collected items in your garage in plastic bags or large trash bins.
    • Crush the cans – Clean and crushed cans get you better prices and take less space. For this purpose, you can invest in a can crusher as this will maximize the free storage space. Recycling centers often pay less if your cans have liquids inside them because this affects the total weight.
    • Find the best prices – Not all aluminum can recycling prices are the same. Even a seemingly insignificant price difference can mean more cash in the long run. Do your research and find the best prices in your area before deciding where to sell.
    • Know the weights – One pound includes around 30 aluminum beverage containers. Knowing this lets you calculate your possible profit on your next trip to the scrapyard. So, it’s a good idea to keep track of how many cans you have collected in order to have realistic cash expectations.
    • Have a plan – Aluminum can recycling can easily turn into a waste of time unless you have a good plan. You need to ask yourself several questions.

    How much money you’d like to make per month? Are there places that offer aluminum can recycling near me? Is the price good? Can I meet my monthly goals? How many cans do I need per month? Is it possible to collect that number of items?

    You should start your recycling adventure only after you go over all these questions and establish all the necessary facts.

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    Where To Collect Aluminum Cans?

    Making cash selling cans is profitable only if you can collect enough of them. Let’s say that the average price per pound is 45 cents and a pound includes approximately 30 cans. You’ll need over 300 cans to make $5. That surely won’t make you a rich person or solve many of your financial problems.

    With a good plan, you can recycle cans for money and actually make good cash out of it. The only thing you need is a smart strategy on where to find as many items as possible. Here are several locations to keep your eyes on and quickly reach the desired number of cans per month.

    • Local parks – Teenagers and large groups of friends often hang out in local parks where they enjoy canned soft or alcoholic drinks. They either throw their trash in trashcans nearby or simply leave them on the grass. Take regular walks in your local parks and collect any empty cans you find along the way;
    • Local streets – People often leave beverage containers on the side of local streets when they finish their drinks. Some may leave them next to trashcans too. Either way, you can find many of them just by wandering around local streets;
    • Sports venues and stadiums – When thousands of visitors leave sports venues and stadiums, you are bound to find many cans behind them. If you have access to sports venues and stadiums, make the most of it by collecting hundreds of items at once;
    • Your or your friends’ events – Whenever you host any event, buy canned drinks and then ask visitors to throw them in dedicated trashcans or plastic bags. You can also ask your friends and family to collect any cans they have and to give them to you;
    • Your office – Your office can be a great place for collecting aluminum items too. Go a step further and place a dedicated plastic bag alongside a sign asking your coworkers to throw their containers inside;
    • Concerts and festivals – Just like sports events, concerts and festivals attract thousands of visitors. So, they’re a great place for collecting hundreds of used aluminum cans at once.

    Once you’ve collected enough containers for a nice profit, you can start wondering where to sell aluminum cans near me.

    Where To Sell Aluminum Cans Near Me? (Locator)

    You know the average prices and you know how to make the most out of collecting beverage containers. Now’s the time to ask: “Who buys aluminum cans near me?”.

    Where To Sell Aluminum Cans Near Me? Start Making Cash Now! (2)

    Well, the answer to this isn’t universal and depends on where you’re located within the USA. One idea is to use the iScrap App, which enables you to easily find scrapyards in your area. This app is easy to use and lets you browse recycling businesses around your location. This is probably the easiest way to find all the options near you.

    A quick research on the topic alongside the name of your state and/or town should also do the trick. For example, Recycle USA Inc. is popular among those living in Birmingham, Alabama. If you live near Tempe, Arizona, you may want to use the services of I-Buy-Scrap. New York has several options too and some of them are TNT Scrap Metal, Sims Metal Management, and Fortune Plastic & Metals Inc.


    Doing research about aluminum can recycling near me and average prices for selling cans is the first step towards making extra cash. There are countless success stories of people who managed to boost their monthly income with an additional $500 or even $1,000 by recycling cans.

    If you happen to live in one of the 10 states with bottle bills, then you’re incredibly lucky. The average prices for aluminum containers in those states are much higher and the profits are easily maximized. If not, you’ll have to work a bit harder to reach your desired amount of cash by selling cans to scrapyards.

    With a good strategy and enough information, you can easily meet your goals. You don’t have to work harder as long as you know how to work smarter. Find the spots where you can collect lots of cans at once, dedicate a storage space in your home and sell them in bulk. That’s the best way to maximize your profits.

    Of course, don’t forget to subscribe to our newsletter in order to learn other creative ways of saving and making cash.


    I-Buy-Scrap / iScrap App / recycling / Sims Metal Management / TNT Scrap Metal


    How many pounds of aluminum cans does it take to make $100? ›

    How Many Aluminum Cans Does it Take to Make $100? At an average price of 5 cents per pound, you'd need about 5,000 cans to make $100. That could be significantly reduced if you live in an area that pays higher prices. At $2 per pound, you'd need just 1,600 cans (50 pounds).

    What state pays the most for aluminum cans? ›

    The value of aluminum cans varies from state to state. California, Mississippi and Wyoming offer some of the best rates, whereas Delaware and New York offer some of the lowest monetary returns.

    How many empty aluminum cans are in a pound? ›

    There are about 24 aluminum cans in a pound.

    How much is a pound of aluminum beer cans worth? ›

    How much do recycling centers pay per pound for cans and bottles? Currently, state certified recycling centers pay a minimum of $1.65 CRV for aluminum cans; $1.33 CRV for clear PET plastic bottles; $0.58 CRV for HDPE plastic bottles (similar to the large water jugs); and $0.10 CRV for glass bottles.

    How much does a garbage bag full of aluminum cans weigh? ›

    The average aluminum can weighs 0.5 ounces, so a garbage bag full of cans weighs approximately 40 pounds. This means that at $0.75 per pound, a garbage bag full of cans is worth around $30.

    Is the price of aluminum going up? ›

    The leading sources' aluminum price forecasts are as follows: According to the World Bank, the aluminum price will increase to $2,000 per metric ton (t) in 2021, a 17% rise from an average of $1,703/t in 2020, and experience moderate growth to $2,050/t in 2022.

    How many 12oz cans are in a pound? ›

    So using standard 12 oz. pop/beer cans that are rinsed and dry I find that the consensus is that it takes from 32-35 cans to make a pound.

    How much money is a pound of aluminum? ›

    In 2021, the average market spot price of an aluminum ingot was an estimated 1.40 U.S. dollars per pound.

    Is it better to recycle by weight or count? ›

    In general, consumers are better off recycling by count if the CRV containers are smaller and/or lighter, since that means more containers per pound. However, if they are larger and heavier – meaning fewer containers per pound – recycling by weight will sometimes earn a larger refund.

    How can I make money recycling cans? ›

    You can also search for redemption or recycling centers in your area. For states without bottle bills, you need to take your aluminum cans to a scrap metal buyer or a recycling center. When you turn them in, the containers will be weighed, and you'll receive a price quote for the lot.

    What are soda tabs worth? ›

    We typically receive between $0.40 to $0.50 per pound of pop tabs.

    What is the weight of an aluminum can? ›

    An empty aluminum can weighs approximately one-half ounce (14 g). There are 34 empty 12 ounce aluminum cans to a pound or 70 to a kilogram.

    What's the price of aluminum? ›

    The word "Markets Insider". Two crossed lines that form an 'X'.
    UnitUSD per Ton
    Date9/30/22 01:32 PM
    6 more columns

    How do you make a homemade can crusher? ›

    DIY Shop-Made Can Crusher - YouTube

    What does CA Cash Refund mean? ›

    If you see a symbol that says CA CASH REFUND or CA CRV,* you'll get more out of that bottle or can than a little refreshment. That symbol means the container is eligible to be recycled for cash. What you get: 5¢ for most glass bottles, plastic bottles, and aluminum cans less than 24 ounces.

    How much does a 13 gallon bag of cans weigh? ›

    Approximate average weight of items commonly found and their unit weight conversions: 13 gallon bag-15 lbs.

    How many aluminum cans are in a ton? ›

    New aluminum sells for almost $2,000 a metric ton, so recycling old cans would seem to be profitable. It takes about 75,000 cans to make a metric ton, so each one should be worth about 2.5 cents.

    How much does a garbage bag of clothes weigh? ›

    To estimate the weight of your load, we at nopoopstains.com used 13 gallon (home) trash bags full of random clothes such as jeans, shirts, towels, and shorts and each bag weighed approximately between 10-15 lbs.

    What scrap metal is worth the most money? ›

    Current Price of Popular Scrap Metals

    Copper is by far the most expensive metal. High-grade copper, called Bare Bright, can get up to $2.85 a pound.

    Is there an aluminum shortage? ›

    The aluminum shortage that began amidst the 2020 pandemic continues to plague the US now, and for the forseeable future. Aluminum productionand demand was shifted with the beginning of the pandemic and country wide lockdowns.

    Why is there an aluminum shortage 2022? ›

    In late February 2022, the price of aluminum was already at an all-time high. Russian aluminum production has not been affected, but due to the sanctions, exports are becoming significantly more difficult, and aluminum is becoming increasingly scarce – so much so that a complete halt in supply cannot be ruled out.

    How many 12 oz cans does it take to make 1 lb? ›

    So using standard 12 oz. pop/beer cans that are rinsed and dry I find that the consensus is that it takes from 32-35 cans to make a pound.

    How many aluminum cans are in a ton? ›

    New aluminum sells for almost $2,000 a metric ton, so recycling old cans would seem to be profitable. It takes about 75,000 cans to make a metric ton, so each one should be worth about 2.5 cents.

    How many bottles does it take to make 100 dollars? ›

    If a bottle costs 10 cents, then you need 10 bottles to make $1, or 1,000 bottles to make $100.

    How much does an Aluminium can weigh? ›

    An aluminium can weighs just 15 grams which is equivalent to three candy coated chocolate buttons. The walls of an aluminium can are just 0.11mm thick – about the diameter of an average human hair. Australians use more than three billion aluminium cans per year.

    How many cans are in a case? ›

    A Case of Beer is 24 Beer Cans or Beer Bottles | No Less No More.

    How many Coke cans make a ton? ›

    Unfortunately you can't sell a few drinks cans, so how many cans would you need to have a good weight to sell (1ton)? An empty aluminium can approximately weighs around 17g. That means you'd need roughly 58 cans to have 1kg, & for 1ton you would need 58,928 cans.

    How much does an empty tin can weigh? ›

    The empty weight of the #10 can is 11-12 oz's each and the #5 can weighs about 5-6 oz's.

    Are beer cans aluminum? ›

    Drink cans are made of aluminum (75% of worldwide production) or tin-plated steel (25% worldwide production). Worldwide production for all drink cans is approximately 370 billion cans per year.

    How much water does it take to make an aluminum can? ›

    Аbout 95 litres of water is used to manufacture a plastic bottle and about 40 litres for aluminum can.

    How many years does it take for aluminum to decompose? ›

    Decomposes in 250 Years

    Aluminum cans can be recycled and be back on the shelf in as little as 6 weeks but takes around 250 years to decompose. Fun fact: Aluminum is the most recyclable material!

    How can I make $100 fast today? ›

    11 Easy Ways to Make $100 Dollars Fast
    1. Get Paid for Your Opinion.
    2. Sign Up Bonuses & Cash Back Rewards.
    3. Selling Jewelry & Other Items Online.
    4. Participate in Research or Focus Groups.
    5. Become a Freelancer.
    6. Rent Out a Spare Room or Extra Space.
    7. Drive for a Rideshare.
    8. Start a Side Hustle.
    22 Jul 2022

    How can I make $100 a day? ›

    Genuine and Creative Ways to Make $100 Dollars a Day Online
    1. Paid Surveys. ...
    2. Freelance Writing. ...
    3. Write Sponsored Posts. ...
    4. Coaching and Consultation. ...
    5. Write an Ebook or Sell Another Type of Digital Product. ...
    6. Google AdSense (You'll need a website – but you can make $100 dollars a day) ...
    7. Create Online Courses.
    24 Jun 2022

    Can you make money by collecting cans? ›

    If you live in a state with a bottle bill, you can earn five to ten times the amount per can that you'd earn if you live in a state without a bottle bill. For instance, if you could collect 1,000 cans per week, at 10 cents per can, you would make $100 per week.

    How thick is the aluminum on a soda can? ›

    Modern aluminum cans are less than a tenth of a millimeter thick, yet hold liquid at up to 90 pounds per square inch (about six times regular atmospheric pressure).

    When did they stop using pull tabs on cans? ›

    Ring pull tabs were used until 1975. edge around the opening prevented spillage. Two small raised beads used to align the tab looked like eyes to some. than discarded."

    How many ounces of aluminum in a can? ›

    According to Alcoa Aluminum Company, in 2015 about 34 cans are required to achieve a weight of one pound. The unstated assumption is that most of those will be the typical 12-ounce can.


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